20688706_1441107662648360_51350757839994880_nThe beauty of our places of worship evangelizes. How beautiful neat, good and decent our places of worship are, speaks volumes about the God we worship and serve. When Solomon finished the Temple and the place as directed by God, the Queen of Sheba came to see what was due. The testimony of the Queen of Sheba spoke volumes about Solomon and the God Solomon built for. She confessed that what she saw was far more than what was reported to her. “…..she was overwhelmed …. The report I heard in my own country about our achievements and our wisdom is true … you have far exceeded the report I hard ….”(1 king 10:5-8). When unbeliever come to the church and the building, they should be able to testify about us(Christians) and the God we serves and worship just like Queen and Sheba did member of the Church should be encouraged to contributes materially, financially, technologically, and morally to raise funds for church building projects. When we worship God in a good and beautiful place, when Christian will be able to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom to this decaying generation. God is concerned about the place where he is worshiped. The place where some of us live and work are more decent , neat, good and more comfortable than where we worship God. This ought not to be so.